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Product Guide

Low Voltage Fuses and Fusegear

NH DIN Industrial fuse links and bases

· Conforms to IEC 60269 & VDE 0636

· General purpose full range & Motor protection applications (Class gG/aM,

· Rated breaking capacity - 120kA, current rating from 2Ato 1600AgTR)

· Available with Dual indication in sizes C00(000), 00, 1, 2, 3 (excluding size 

·  Fuse Holders available for all fuse-links sizes4A)

    D & DO Low voltage fuse system


· Conforms to IEC 60269 & VDE 0636

· Rating breaking capacity - 50kA, current rating from 2Ato 100A

· Fuse bases for panel and Din Rail mounting with accessories available   

·Available in 7 sizes: DI, DII, DIII, DIV, D01, D02, D03

screw caps, gauge rings,....

 British standard fuses and fuse holders

· Conforms to BS88 Part 1, 2 & 6, IEC 60269 Part 1 & 2,ASTACertified

· General purpose full range protection - class gG & gM

· Ratings of 415V, 550V & 660 Vac, current rating from 2Ato 1250A

· Fuse Holders available for all fuse-links sizes up to 100A


IEC Cylindrical fuses and holders

· Conforms to IEC 60269 Standards

· General purpose full range protection (Class gG) and motor protection

· Rated breaking capacity of 20kAto 120kA, rated at 400Vac to 690Vac(Class aM)

·Available in sizes 8x32, 10x38, 14x51, 22x58mm

· Fuse Holders available for all fuse-links sizes


Low Voltage Fuses and Fusegear

Type J - Feeder pillar

· Designed for use with wedge type fuse carriers

· Type J Fuses are available in cylindrical slotted or non slotted tag

· Comply with BS88 Part 5 requirementsversions

·Available in 76mm, 82mm and 92mm centres


House service cut-out

 ·Asta certified & tested in accordance with BS1361

·Available in 2 diameters -22.2mm & 30.2mm· 33kAbreaking capacit

· Both available in ratings up to 100Aat 415Vac

Low Voltage Fuses and Fusegear

North american standard

 · ULListed and CSACertified

· Rated breaking capacity of 100mAto 6000A, rated from 125 to 600Vac

· Sizes: Midget, Class CC, Class RK5, RK1 , ClassCC, G, J, K5 & H, L,

RK1, RK5, T, Plug Top Fuses

· Modular fuse holders (finger protection) for Midget and Class CC fuses,

Finger safe protected fuse base for class J fuses and a wide range of

 High Speed Fuses and Fuse holders

 Square body

· Conforms to EN CE, IEC 60269 - 1&4, DIN 43620 & 43653, UL,

Recognition and CSA, component acceptance

· Vast range of bases and micro switches with galvanic isolated contacts for

use in normal and hazardous environment

· 10A- 10000A, 200V - 11000 VAC and DC, rated breaking capacity - 300kA

· Sizes 0000, 000, 00, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 also Double 3, Double 4 and Quatro 3

· Customised design

British standard

· Conforms to BS88 Part 4, IEC 60269-4

· Current rating from 6Ato 710A, rated at 240V & 690Vac,

   rated breakingcapactiy - 200kA

· Trip indicator fuselinks available and micro switch for remote indicatio

IEC Cylindrical - Ferrule style

 · Conforms to UL/CSA

· Current rating from 1Ato 100A, rated at 700V, rated breaking capacity - 200Ka

 · Sizes 6x32, 10x38, 14x51, 14x67, 21x51, 22x58, 20x127, 25x146

DC Fuses and Traction Fuses

 High speed fuses for the protection of the DC circuits in equipment

Ratings:Volts: from 750VDC to 4000Vdc                                   

Amps: 5Amp to 1000Amp


Photovoltaic Protection Fuses

 A range of 10x38mm fuse links specific ally designed for protecting photovoltaic strings.

These fuse links are capable of interrupting low over currents associated with faulted


photovoltaic string arrays (reverse current, multi-array fault).

Ratings:Volts:— 1000Vdc                                   

Amps:— 1-15AIR:— 33kADC— L/R : under 1mS  — Min Interrupting : 1.3 x In

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για solar fuse from bussmann"


· NorthAmerican style fuses provide an excellent solution for medium

power applications

· Current rating 1 to 4,000A- 130 to 1000C ac and 130 to 800V dc· Conforms to UL/CSA

Medium Voltage Fuses

DIN Fuse-Links

 · Conforms to DIN 43625, EN IEC 60282-1, VDE 0670-4

Ratings: 6.3 to 400A, rated from 3.6 to 38kVv

· Full range, back up and motor protection applications


Motor Start Fuse-Links

· Conforms to UL, IEC DIN 43625 and British Standard

 · Ratings: 6.3Ato 400A, rated from 2.75kV - 7.2kV

Oil Fuse-Links

 · Conforms to IEC 282-1, BS 2692-1 and ESI standard 12-8

· Fitted with pyrotechnic striker pin· Ratings: 6.3 to 200A, rated from 3.6 to 24kV

Voltage &Auxiliary Transformer Fuse-Links

 · Conforms to BS 2692-1 and IEC 60282-1

· Use in the primary side of voltage transformers· Ratings: 3.15A, rated from 1 to 36kV



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